Thursday, May 13, 2010

Late Nights Lead To Good Days

You know what the best thing about today was, the fact that we got to sleep in until about 11. Seriously thought, it was so nice to finally get to get some actually sleep and not have to wake up so early and go running around. On another note, we did do a lot today in a very short period of time which was kind of a nice feeling.
The first thing that we got to do was go back to DCU to talk to one of there teachers again, this time we learned about the internet. More in depth then that the impact the media has (or more so hasn’t) had on Ireland. It was very interesting because it seems that Ireland is kind of behind the rest of the world in using internet based sites like Twitter and Facebook. It just weird to see kids not using facebook and things like this as much as in American’s do. Another thing about this meeting was that Micky and I were the ones that had to film this. It was fun staring through a view finder for about an hour an a half, it was good times.
After going to DCU, we hopped back on the bus and went over to Photo Call, which is a photography place. At first I was really confused about it because all they had for their sign was a little tiny piece of paper. Then we had to wake up this kind of narrow stair way to get to the place. When we got up there it was a plain room that had been turned into a studio (or the starts of one). It was really cool thought because they had a bunch of slide shows set up for us to show us there work, which was really quiet good if I do say so myself. Granted I don’t really know much about taking photos and such, but they’ve been around since the 1970’s, so I guess their doing something right. This meeting we did not have to film, which was nice because my arm had gotten tired after holding up the camera from the other meeting.

Well I know it’s not much but there it is….until tomorrow….off to Belfast and its going to be a late day.

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